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and I told him to wait1000部啪啪未满十八勿入免费

My name is Josh and I’ve been happily married with Millie for 6 years. Having been sweethearts since high-school, we never had a lot of previous experiences and we were both a bit shy then, but eventually developed a wonderful sexual relationship and very pleasurable sexual skills. Millie was raised in a very conservative, strict, religious family, so I was very pleased to see the hot woman she turned out to be in bed.Our adventure began when I was fired 1 year ago, blame the economy, and we had to leave our nice loft in a trendy area and move to an old and very small house. I am an IT programmer and used to work for a big company with a nice salary and big bonus and now I try to work from home to do some odd-jobs, SW quality testing, manuals writing, and so on. To make things worse, my wife was a flight attendant and was also laid off 3 months ago. When we moved to the house I met Andy in a computer store nearby. He was 14 then, a real geek, and we became good friends despite the age difference. Andy is tall, skinny, very white, blond hair, and with the usual pimples for the age. He is a brilliant kid, and we start spending a lot of time chatting about computers, playing games, and doing our favorite hobby: cracking codes and winning all the possible games.We were so close that Andy came home with his laptop just after school, and did not even bother to knock, just barged in and sat beside me in my “office”, that was actually an old small desk by the staircase. My wife was always at work so it was not a problem, but he kept doing the same when Millie left her job, and she started complaining that he had no limits. To make things worse, we have a small bathroom in the ground floor and, as the house is old and the water pressure is bad upstairs, Millie prefers to shower downstairs particularly when she will wash her hair. One day, Andy stormed in exactly when she was leaving the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her waist and drying her hair with another one, her amazing boobs exposed. He froze, eyes wide open, she yelled and covered herself as much as she could, but he had the time to watch a nice show. She run upstairs, she apologized and left ashamed, but life moved on.However, similar situations started to happen more frequently: she never again left the bathroom so carelessly exposed, but he entered the house many times when she had just finished her shower and walked through the living room in a robe or wrapped in a big towel. I found it funny, actually, and I was sure he stayed outside watching the bathroom light to calculate exactly the perfect time to come in. The boy was too smart for one to believe it was just a coincidence!One day, Millie was coming downstairs for her shower wrapped in a big towel and wearing clogs, clumsily carrying a big bottle of shampoo and a hairdryer. She was almost downstairs when Andy barged in. She was surprised, tripped, lost her balance, dropped the shampoo, and when she moved fast trying to hold the handrail and save the hairdryer from falling too, her towel went down behind her. There she was, totally naked in front of a teen boy full of hormones, staring speechless with his mouth open. She turned around to pick the towel and it was a bad idea, as he now had a great view of her ass, her bouncing boobs and a glimpse of her pussy between her thighs. She picked the towel, wrapped around her as quickly as she could, and run upstairs, yelling “You have to knock, I don’t want you in my house anymore”.I did not describe her and it was intentional, I left it for the best time: Millie is a gorgeous woman: 5’9”, shoulder length blond hair, green eyes, curvy like a bombshell: natural D cups, firm and perky, with big light pink aureole and protruding nipples; small waist over a beautiful round ass, trimmed strawberry pubic hair and small pink pussy lips, all over beautifully shaped long legs. She was born in America, but her father was Russian and her mom is German.And there he was, my good friend Andy, with a huge tent stretching his pants, frozen at the door not able to move inside or to walk out. I found it funny, actually, but I pretended to be angry, and supported her. I came to him and said: “Andy, you can’t do this anymore. If you want so see a woman naked, look for your girlfriend, not my wife!” I was also a bit aroused with the situation. He was terrified, speechless, ashamed, stammered an apology and left. He did not show up again.Millie was very upset, ashamed, and insisted she did not want Andy in the house again. After 4 or 5 days, she spent the weekend at her Mom’s. I was sorry for Andy, and I really liked the guy and missed his company, so I called him and told him to come in to help me testing a new game. He was very quiet, visibly uncomfortable, but took a chair and we started testing. The guy was really bright and helped me a lot. When we finished, we played a few games and at the end he was more relaxed. Then I told him very frankly that what he was doing was not right, trying to peak her, coming in the house without knocking, and finally seeing her totally naked, and that she was very upset with him. He was quiet, looking down, nodding in agreement, and when I finished he said again he was sorry. Then I decided to be playful, and said: “Your girlfriend did not have an easy time after you saw Millie naked, right? What did you guys do?”. “You must be kidding – he said – I don’t have a girlfriend, never had one. All the girls and guys at school make fun of me because I am a nerd. I dated once and the girl never wanted to see me again because I did not know how to kiss, I didn’t know what to do. Of course, she posted it on Facebook. I am a lost case.”I tried to cheer him up and said “Well, my friend, this is no good. Now I understand why you do these tricks to take a peak on Millie, but this is not right, you know? I know you don’t mean anything bad, but you can’t do that anymore. If you promise you will never do that again, I will talk to Millie to forgive you and I will even give you some tips about how to deal with these chicks.“Josh – he said – you are a real friend, no one treats me like you. Sorry, but Millie is the most beautiful woman I know, more than any movie star, and the only one I’ve seen naked, so it’s hard to control myself. But I know it’s wrong and I will never do that again, I promise. Please, talk to her.”When Millie arrived on Sunday evening we made passionate love, and then I told her about my conversation with Andy. She was in good mood, was flattered about the movie start stuffand felt sorry for him, and told she was going to forgive him and help him anyway she could. I texted Andy that everything was all right, but he should always knock before coming into the house.So he did from then, and life came back to normal. However, I realized that Millie was more easygoing, relaxed, and she didn’t bother much to walk to and from the shower, sometimes wrapped in small towels when we were playing games in the living room. In one warm evening, she was polishing her toenails sitting in the couch dressed only in panties and a thin t-shirt that left little room for imagination, when Andy rang the bell. She didn’t flinch, and I asked if she would go upstairs or I should ask Andy to come back later. “If I walk now I will ruin everything, and he has seen much more anyway. You said he is a virgin, I don’t think there are pervert virgins, let him in” she said. So I did, and he flushed when he saw her long legs, small white panties and the contour of her boobs and big nipples. He was almost apologizing and leaving when we both said it was OK, he should come in. So he did, trying unsuccessfully to hide an immediate huge tent in his shorts. Millie noticed it too and winked to me with a subtle smile that Andy did not see. We started to play a video game and poor Andy was so disturbed, could not avoid or dissimulate an occasional look to Millie, control his big boner and concentrate at the same time that I easily won 4 games in a row…From that day the three of us started talking more freely about relationships, dating, even sex, so Andy would be more comfortable in talking and going out with his school friends. Millie suggested – and he immediately accepted – that he could use his computer skills for his benefit, so we gave him some ideas and he edited photos and videos – interesting, funny, sometimes spicy – and posted them in the web. Instead of the nerd, he became more and more accepted by his new friends, helped them with his skills, and so on.A couple weeks later, Andy came in terrified: he was going out on a date – the girl somehow asked him out, actually – with a pretty girl, considered a bit easy, but instead of excited he was worried. “Josh, you guys helped me a lot, I am more confident, I have more friends, I am going out with a pretty girl, but I am still a virgin who doesn’t how what to do. She is experienced, sharp, and she will make fun of me and tell all her friends how stupid I am.” I felt sorry for him, he was really scared and he was actually right, and I told him to wait, that I had an idea. Millie was in our room and I went upstairs to talk to her.I told her about what was going on, and suggested that we should make out, maybe make love, and let him watch, while giving him some tips. To my surprise, she objected, but not very strongly. I insisted, told her about the consequences to Andy about a bad experience with a naughty girl, and finally she agreed. “OK – she said – but I will only be the mannequin, he will not touch me!”, and started to undress.I went downstairs and told Andy that we are going to help him out with some tips about sex, and asked him to follow me. I knocked at the bedroom door and Millie asked us to come in. I motioned him to go first, and when he entered he saw her in our bed, lavishly naked, posing as the most sensual model. Her legs were bent and close sexily, but her blond hair on her shoulders, pulpy mouth with a red lipstick, gorgeous big boobs with hard pink nipples, dangerous curves of her waist and generous hips, complemented by the slim, long legs, were too much. I had an immediate, strong boner,92国产精品午夜福利无毒不卡 and I wondered how my friend was handling such explicit situation.He froze, but I told him to come in and explained the idea. He sat at the bed, I undressed to my boxers and I started kissing her, first in the mouth, softly, than moving to the face, neck, and coming back to the mouth parting her lips and touching our tongues. At the same time, I caressed her breasts, moved down to her belly, came back up, and we were telling him: “Don’t start too strong, too rough, it’s like a warm-up. Kiss softly, then French kiss later. Touch the boobs carefully, start from the base and come to the nipples slowly, don’t touch them harshly at the beginning, and do the same when you started kissing and sucking them.”At that time, Millie jumped into the game too: “After all the kissing and touching and licking in my boobs, I feel like touching him – and she started caressing my cock through the boxers, feeling all the length and hardness – and my pussy gets very wet and hot, so I make a move to let him know I want him to touch me there”, and he moved opening her legs a little. I immediately start caressing her between her thighs and up to her pussy, while keeping sucking her hard nipples and kissing her melons, taking turns between them. I could feel she liked it and she opened her legs even more, at the same time pulling my hard cock off my boxers. I took a look at Andy, eyes and mouth wide open, an enormous erection stretching his shorts.She continued: “The pussy area is very sensitive: don’t start harshly, don’t plunge a finger in, start outside the lips and move slowly inside, not touching the clit at the beginning.” “Where is the clit?” the boy asked. “Come closer, she said, but no touching. Josh, please babe, lick me and show him everything.”I moved to her now wide open legs and started to play with her pussy lips, licking, biting them with lips, kissing and licking her inner thighs, when Andy crawled in the bed to take a close look. I looked up and saw Millie taking a good look at his big bonerI came back to licking her, and her pussy was hot and flooded now, that situation and the boy’s erect dick had really made her hot! I opened her pussy lips with my fingers, told Andy where the clit was, and started plunging my tongue inside her vagina, alternating with long licks from the base near her asshole to soft licks at her clit. She laid back and closed her eyes while I kept my duties. She was moving her legs, moaning, certainly having a good time. My cock felt like bursting, my brain probably stopped thinking properly, and I got a crazy idea: I pretended to adjust my body, but at the same time I signaled Andy to keep quiet and to replace me in licking her. Of course he did it at once! Millie was so ecstatic and he was so close and did it so quickly that she did not notice the switch for a while, but he probably did it a bit stronger and he looked down and saw Andy between her legs. “Josh – she yelled – I told you, just watching! What are you doing?” “Sorry, Baby, but he has to learn. What’s the problem, he will not bite you... Anyway, my bad, stop that, Andy.” She saw his boner again and said “Go on, keep doing it, but that’s all. I am helping a lot already!”He kept licking her, touching her boobs, and now she kept staring at his tent. I realized he was becoming even bigger, and asked Millie if he could get more comfortable. With a furtive smile, she said yes. Andy removed his shorts and slips in only one movement, and a monstrous cock leaped out like an unrestrained coil. Millie and I kept staring for a while, it was easily 10” long – maybe more – and very thick, ending with a huge dark red oozing head the size of a small apple. He was circumcised, and all the set was a big contrast from my mid-size uncut cock, particularly to Millie’s inexperienced eyes. She couldn’t control herself, said “Wow!” and kept staring.I kept moving on my crazy plans and asked him if he knew how to put on a condom. He, gasping, said he didn’t, and I asked Millie to show him. “No, Josh, I can put a condom on you for him to see, but that’s all.” “Love, he won’t learn this way, what’s the harm? You know how important it is…” “OK, I will do it, but that’s it.” I got a rubber from the drawer and gave it to Andy. Millie sat in the bed with her legs crossed, her pussy totally exposed, while the boy opened the pack. “Now you hold the tip and leave some room without air, stretch the condom to accommodate your cockhead, and start unwrapping slowly, all the way down.” His cockhead was so big that he could not hold the condom nipple and stretch it at the same time, so she said that, in this case, his partner would have to help. “Show him” I said, and for the first time she did not object. She held that monster with both hands for a while – not because she really did have to – and said “OK, Andy, you hold the tip with some space, without any air or the condom may burst with the sperm, and I will help you unwrapping” and she stretched the rubber around the big head and unrolled all the way down, feeling his shaft with both hands while she was doing it. She was so hot I could see she was licking her lips and her pussy was drooling. The regular condom would not fit Andy, and she told him he needed to buy big ones, as she could not reach the base. She kept holding it, though, for a while, looking at that cock so close to her face. Eventually, she let it go and said “OK, boys, that’s it!”“Millie my love – I said – we are all horny, I can see it, why don’t we teach him the whole lesson and have fun too?” “No way, Josh, I’ve done much more than you asked me to, let him go and we make love.” “Babe, and if he has to fuck his date he may screw-up and everything we have done was a waste of time. And look, the poor guy is in pain…” And his face showed his balls were more than blue then.She gave up. “Josh, you keep teasing me, do not complain later!” She took his cock and started sucking him. It was difficult, he was too big, but she licked him patiently, and slowly she managed to put all the head in her mouth. She was becoming hotter and hotter, and told him that, as far as he was a virgin, he wanted to feel his taste, and removed the rubber. Millie loves to suck cock and is a good blower, she can take almost all my dick in her mouth, but she could not make a lot of progress below Andy’s giant cockhead. All the time she kept playing with his balls and caressing all his shaft. The boy moaned like crazy, she went down and put his balls in her mouth, then licked the hole at the tip, and blew him again.I couldn’t hold any longer: I put my cock out, told her to get down on all fours – Andy was standing up anyway – and penetrated her like a hot knife in warm butter. I pumped a bit and the situation was so hot that I started coming, warm gushs deep inside her pussy. Andy had hold a lot too considering his situation, and filled her mouth with jism, so much that it leaked out of her mouth. She was a bit disappointed because she hadn’t come yet, but her disappointment didn’t take long: I was almost dead in bed, but she realized that Andy’s cock was still semi-hard. She told him to lie in bed and started kissing him in the mouth, giving her boobs for him to suck, caressing his dick, and soon he was in full attention. The beauty of youth! She came on top of him, tried to position her pussy at the tip of his cock, but it was useless: it was too big, and I had already fucked her and flooded with sperm. Patiently, she adjusted the cockhead and Andy tried to help with a push, but she yelled in pain. “It’s too big, don’t move, let me do it” and kept moving in circles and up and down, slowly, until I saw a big smile in her face and realized that the monster was in. I looked down, and saw that small pussy stretched to the limit around the trunk, and maybe a third of it was yet to go inside. She started to move faster, up and down, stronger, asked Andy to hold her boobs with both hands, and kept pumping. Fortunately he could hold it longer, and she was entranced for a few minutes, jumping like crazy, then she spasmed, shook up and yelled in a long, deep orgasm. He followed suit and filled her with his cream, moaning, while she collapsed on top of him.She stayed there for a while, then turned around and fell in bed, trying to catch a breath, legs open, and I could not believe I was seeing Millie’s small pussy: it was red, with swollen lips, liquids flowing out from that stretched hole. I wondered if I could ever feel pleasure with my regular cock again inside there, and I shivered when I thought if SHE would have pleasure with MY cock again.Well, actually, both of us did: we came back to our good sex life, maybe more exciting with all that crazy experience, and Andy came to join us occasionally in bed, for my excitement and Millie’s great joy. We had to move away soon, but that’s another story.His date with that girl was very good: they made out good, and when she touched and blew him she realized the big gem she had found, so they also had sex regularly. She did spread the news, not that he was a stupid virgin, but that he was hung like a horse, and Andy probably became the most popular and sexually active nerd in the word.He still thanks Millie and me about that!


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