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“NO NO国产日产美产精品精品

A Strangers Cum Part OneMy thrusts increased in both tempo and depth as I neared my release, I could feel Kathy getting more insistent as she was obviously getting nearer herself and it looked good for a simultaneous orgasm if I could just hang on a little bit longer, but suddenly Kathy stopped moving and urged me to stop as she felt her orgasm start and she became too sensitive for me too move, I had no choice but to wait until her sensitive phase was over then finally it was my turn and I slowly built up my momentum again then just as I reached the point of no return again Kathy whispered “stop, don’t move”, I was feeling a little confused until she whispered “I think I can hear something at the front door”I was just about to jump out of bed when we heard the rattle of keys and a strained “MUM?!?!” … it was obviously one of Kathy’s daughters had just let herself in.“we’re in the bedroom” said Kathy in a worried voice “what’s wrong?”We could hear footsteps and sobbing coming up the hallway but as we were both naked neither of us got up and a second or two later Susie burst through the door looking bedraggled, shivering and dripping wet moaning out “I’ve left him mum, I just walked out and ran all the way here”“get out of those wet clothes and dry your self” said Kathy as she reached down to the floor and picked up the towel we would have been using to clean ourselves up.I seemed to have been forgotten as my girlfriend and her daughter started to remove Sues soaking wet pyjamas and towel her dry.I may have noticed Sues firm 24 year old C cup boobs and shaved pussy and my hard on may have still been bobbing around on its own but sex was obviously not going to happen for the foreseeable future and I was caught between two heads the larger of which was worried and seemed to win out.Sue was shaking badly from the cold as she slipped her mothers long T shirt over her head while her mum urged her to jump under the covers before she catches her death of cold.Due to the fact that I was on the far side of the bed and Kathy had moved to the opposite side to help her daughter Sue naturally jumped up on the bed in the middle and wormed her way down between us as her mum turned and enveloped her in her warm arms that moments before had been wrapped around my naked back.“Cuddle up to her” said Kathy … I just looked at her and said “ I can’t, remember what we were doing before Sue arrived, I’m sure she doesn’t want to feel a naked old fella up against her” “My daughters health is more important than your embarrassment” spat Kathy, Sue then shivered as she said ”it’s Ok, I don’t mind and could do with a warm hug”I’m sure neither of them thought I was actually talking about my hard on and thought I was talking about my body and was about to explain when I thought, bugger it and rolled up against Sue and started to move up intending to nestle it between those sweet bum cheeks, I felt my erection run up the V formed by her thighs until it pushed firmly into her crotch and got caught there causing Sue to Jump and let out a surprised “OH” “Sorry” I said, “the cold should sort that out soon”“Oh …Oh … that’s what you meant” said Sue “I’m so sorry to have interrupted you, hope you’ll forgive me”My erection had either travelled up under the T shirt or the T shirt had ridden up as Sue wormed under the covers but my erection was now pushed fairly hard up against bare skin and if it had been lined up with a wet hole would have pushed inside.The Cold wasn’t really making much of a difference to my hardness so I cuddled in closer feeling her cold bottom on my lower abdomen and my balls up against her cold thighs, my cock was pushed up uncomfortably hard against her so Sue wriggled a bit allowing my hardness to sit more comfortably and the coldness allowed me to start to soften slightly.“Fark your cold, that’s doing the job” I said.Sue laughed and said “I’m so cold I can hardly feel a thing anyway”Kathy spoke up, “so now that we’re getting all comfortable tells us all about what happened”Sue hesitated for a bit then said “John let two of his friends have sex with me without asking me!” then started to sob again.What … they raped you??” bristled Kathy and I at almost the same time, “NO NO, it wasn’t like they forced me but now I’m so embarrassed I can’t bear to face any of my friends” said Sue“Well I’m confused” I said.“Huh, I don’t understand?” said Kathy “… perhaps you better start at the beginning”“Oh Mum this is so embarrassing, … your not going to like this but the only way to explain it is to tell you everything about how I was feeling at the time, then maybe you’ll understand.”“Go ahead Hun, we’ve all done some pretty wild things in our youth” said Kathy“We’re only just past 50” I said, “hopefully there will be some more wild times in our future” I laughed easing the tension a bit.“Well the trouble all started on our Byron Bay Holiday last year” said Sue then proceeded to tell us her story.We camped down at the Broken Head Caravan Park and John found out there was a nude beach around the other side of the headlandso he wanted to go around there for the day and was pretty persistent until I gave in.Now I don’t mind showing off my boobs and I’ve got a pretty good body so wasn’t worried about that but I had just shaved myself down below and now people can see EVERYTHINGI’ve got !John kept telling me I would be the sexiest girl around there so I thought I could always leave my bikini bottoms on if I felt too uncomfortable and I’m a bit of an exhibitionist anyway so we packed a picnic lunch and walked around the rocky track past some big boulders and suddenly the wide beach appeared and there were people everywhere.John tugged me and we walked up to the far end then he stripped off so I removed my top and we turned and walked back to near the start again before he was satisfied with a spot.There were a lot of guys and some had some incredible bodies and the girls seemed to be mostly older not so good bodies or really hot young chicks but I felt I was pretty much up the top of the hot stakes and all of the hot young chicks were shaved so I quickly stripped bare before I could change my mind and laid down on my stomach to sunbake and watch the constant parade of bare bodies.We swam and relaxed and occasionally John would rub some suntan lotion in and the combination of Johns rubbing and all the naked guys checking me out had me turned on all day long and I couldn’t wait to get back to our cabin.Eventually the day cooled off and most of the people had left via the carpark track so we packed and headed back around the headland track.There is a small beach in between some rocks just past the carpark track so when John stopped me and started getting frisky I was easily talked into a session out in the open. John laid me down on a towel and was soon inside me as I was quite wet already.I normally don’t cum from vaginal sex and John’s tongue usually gets me off before he has his turn so I was a little disappointed that he jumped straight in.I was pretty horny and it was feeling pretty good so maybe it would work this time.John was really getting into it when an older nude bloke walked out from behind the rocks and stopped in his tracks in surprise, I pushed on John telling him to stop as someone can see us and he stopped, looked around at the bloke then just kept on pounding into me.I struggled a bit but it was no use and then I noticed some movement and looked down at the blokes dick as it started to lengthen and expand, I noticed that it was huge and growing quickly and suddenly I was getting pretty turned on that this guy was obviously getting hard watching me get screwed right there in front of him.I looked up at his eyes so full of lust as he stared at Johns cock pumping in and out of me then he looked up at my eyes and smiled then started to stroke himself and the thing got even larger and I remembered thinking no way would that fit inside me, it would rip me in half !!I just stared at him stroking that big cock and really started to get turned on, I grabbed Johns arse and pulled him in harder and harder but just as I thought I might actually cum John grunted and started cumming hard deep inside me, I urged John “don’t stop , don’t stop, keep going” but he was done and rolled off me leaving me spread eagled in front of the guy still stroking himself.The guy dropped to his knees and shuffled a little closer to get a better look at my wide open pussy dripping cum and I don’t know what came over me but I shoved two then three fingers into myself and started to work myself into a frenzy.I added a fourth finger inside me and was using my thumb on my clit while I watched him pump that huge cock harder and harder.He edged closer with his knees between mine and I was thinking and wanting him to spray that cum all over my pussy.I suddenly remembered John and looked over worriedly but he was grinning and stroking his cock which was getting hard again as he watched the two of us having a mutual wank session so I went back to watching the stranger.I was so close to cumming and could see the guy was getting ready to cum as well when suddenly he leaned forward sliding that big cock up and down along between my pussy lips, it felt awesome and I started moving against his knob when his knobslipped just inside my entrance and he started to cum inside me which triggered my orgasm.I grabbed his arse and pulled my pussy on to his cock and shoved about half of it inside me then he pulled back and shoved it right in to the deepest part of me and I Came in a huge screaming orgasm as I felt his cock shooting again and again inside me.I could vaguely hear noise and commotion in the background but I just closed my eyes and concentrated on feeling that big cock squirting deep inside me as I went on a roller coaster ride of orgasm after orgasm.I vaguely felt that big cock get wrenched from deep inside me amidst all the noise and commotion but I was still cumming and fucking myself on a phantom cock when I felt my pussy get filled with cock again, strangely though, it felt different somehow and I knew it wasn’t the same cock.“Oh yes,工口全彩h肉无遮挡无翼乌 fill me with your cum” I said keeping my eyes shut tight and concentrating on the awesome feeling of a cock sliding hard and deep inside me.I was slowly starting to come down from my orgasmic high when seconds later I felt cum shooting inside me and loud grunting and I started cumming all over again and fucked that cock with all my strength until once again I slowly started to come down.I felt lips trying to kiss me and pushed at the guy saying “no no, only my husband” as I opened my eyes and looked straight into Johns eyes.“Sorry John, I thought it was a different guy” I said and tried to kiss him but he pulled away and looked at me strangely.“So you came when you thought I was another stranger?” said John with a hurt look in his eye, “I can understand the first guy fucking you as you were about to cum and he just shoved it in you without warning but when I dragged him away and started fucking you again you thought it was someone different and just let some random guy that you didn’t even open your eye to look at, fuck you” spat John.John pulled his swimmers on and stormed off leaving me laying there shocked and confused so I dressed and sat back down and cried and cried until it was completely dark and freezing cold.I eventually managed to feel my way back along the track and walked in the door of our cabin to find John sitting at the table with his head in his hands, he looked up and said “how many more guys did you fuck after I left … its been hours!”“none … I’ve been crying sick and confused” I spat and shivered then crawled straight under the covers to try and warm up and started crying all over again.A couple of hours went by and I had stopped crying and shivering then John came over to the bed and said “I’m sorry” then got under the covers and cuddled me and opened up.“Hun, I’ve always been worried about not being able to satisfy you in bed and I admit that watching you masturbate in front of that guy then cum as soon as he put that big cock in you turned me on so much I could hardly believe it myself.I was so horny and pissed off at the guy all at the same time so when I shoved him away and turned back you were still humping away at the air and I couldn’t help but to jump on you myself and was ecstatic when you finally came with me inside you after all these years … then when I found out you thought I was someone else I was devastated”“I’m sorry too hun” I said “you’re the only guy I had ever been with up until that guy so I don’t know if it was the size of him, the fact that he was watching us or it was just a strangers cum being so naughty that triggered me off but I have never cum like that before and when you came inside me a second time I didn’t know it was you I came just as big again, I knew the size was different so it wasn’t the big guy again and it could have been anyone, I just felt it was OK because it was just an anonymous guys cum and it didn’t matter”“I feel really bad because I did cheat on you and really liked it, I hope you can forgive me as I have only ever loved you, no one else”John cuddled me again and said, “of course I forgive you, I love you and it was really my fault that all this happened, I’vethought about it for the last few hours and if I’ve learned one thing its that seeing you happy in someone elses arms really turns me on and also makes me happy even if I didn’t show it back then.As a matter of fact just thinking about this afternoon has got me horny again so how about we make up properly”His cheeky grin meant only one thing, John was alright with it and things were back to normal so I couldn’t say no when he started to feel me up.John started to kiss his way down my body until I realised I hadn’t washed when I got home so I said “I think I better go have a shower or you’ll be getting more than you bargained for”John just grinned that cheeky grin of his and kept kissing his way down, “turn around, I want some of you as well” I said and within a couple of minutes we were both cumming and for the first time I held him from pulling out and let him cum in my mouth.I swallowed most of it and when I turned around I pushed the remainder into his mouth with a kiss.“Wow what a day, talk about a big change in our lives” grinned John, I just smiled and cuddled up falling asleep within minutes, happy and content again.Kathy spoke breathlessly “wow hun, that is sooo hot I think I’m getting turned on again”Sue laughed and said “I think someone else enjoyed the story too!” then wriggled around a bit sending a jolt through my loins.“Stop wriggling Sue or you’ll be getting another load to clean up” I laughed“What !” said Kathy in alarm “is he fucking you?”“No No Mum, Its only sitting up against my Bum, its not inside or anything” said Sue quickly“oh, that’s alright I suppose, I guess as long as its not inside you that’s OK” said Kathy.I started sliding my dick very very slowly up and down Sues bum crack feeling extremely horny and very close and Sue didn’t move or try to stop me.I felt my cock get hung up as it pushed against her bumhole but still Sue didn’t say anything or try to move away so I pulled back and put some more saliva on my knob so the next stroke back down I let my cock push up against Sues bumhole again before pulling back and sliding it back up her crack.I groaned quietly and started thrusting a tiny bit harder letting my knob slid up and down her crack several more times, as I thrust the head of my cock moved to her bumhole and slipped a tiny bit inside so I started to shoot.Sue muffled a moan as she started to cum herself, I kept thrusting slowly and with my cum lubricating her bumhole my knob slipped completely inside intensifying the feeling as I kept shooting glob after glob inside her bum.“Tell us more of what’s been happening in the morning”said Kathy “I think we could all do with a good nights sleep”.I just fell asleep right where I was, completely satisfied after one of the most intense orgasms of my life.


这种颓势似乎划上了一个短暂的休止符。6月10日,制作组DICE正式推出了《战地2042》第一赛季“行动时刻”(Zero Hour)国产日产美产精品精品,接下来的几天里,游戏在线人数持续回升,仅在Steam平台,在线玩家峰值即从四位数回到了五位数,一度逼近15000人。

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