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Im sorry!How many times do I have to say it?She pleaded with me.Youre wasting your time with telling me youre sorry, Im done with this.She looked at me and said with a slight quiver in her voice, if you stay with me, I will do anything that you want.A
After playing strip poker with mom, dad, and Ryan we all headed up to the bedroom loft. We were naked and very turned on. Mom suggested that we take it slow. She explained that being so excited would make it difficult, but the slow build would be wort
Beth was kindly keeping out of the way, giving us the space for a lads only night. She popped her head in "do you boys need drinks?" She asked. We agreed and she returned shortly after with two cold beers. "Why don't you join us?&q
I couldn’t get my mind off the visual images of watching my wife have such uninhibited sex with our daughters high school friends. At first what seemed liked forced sex turned into mutual consent. Although I felt betrayed my insides were boiling

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