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ZOO SEDUCTIONPart 1by PhyllisrogerI had lived in my apartment for a year, me and my sexy dog, when a new neighbor moved in.I went to “meet and greet” and when I saw her I thought how beautiful and sexy she was.She had these long legs, a li
After the latest cheerleader party rendezvous, I had a lot to think about. I managed to head home from that gathering without telling Danielle about what happened. But, how long could this last? What were my priorities? There were a lot of things on m
[Thank you to everyone for all of the feedback. I welcome all suggestions and comments, as I plan to continue this series - happy reading!]"Andrea's next!" one girl yelled and everybody grabbed her. She seemed to be joining the game and
It Started At The Pool - Part 3 I you haven't read the first two installments, you might want to do so to get the background of whathas transpired with Greg, Cindy, her daughter Jen, and her friend Diane.Part 3 finds Cindy justifiably concerned a

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