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Life has a funny way of throwing temptations in your way. A strong man will resist them and keep walking on his path. I always considered myself a strong man, who was integer and followed his moral code. It was one of my core values never to hurt some
An Unexpected Journey - SociallyxxDistortedThis story, plus the following chapters, is interwoven with a little bit of truth, fantasy, and fiction. Stories are what you make of them ... the more realistic, the better.Due to editing problems, I'm
Amber and Kate were chilling in the pool in their backyard. They were foster sisters getting to know each other.Amber: Kate, why do you wear shorts to the swimming pool? You know you can wear a bikini. Kate: I just don’t want anyone to see too m
Im Steve McKenzie, pretty much everyone calls me Mac. I own my own construction company that has done very well for me. At 45 Im able to enjoy the fruits of 20 hard years of building a business. Im a pretty big guy. Im about 62 260. I got half my size
--- "Do you have hollow rivets, sir?" --- she asked standing at the desk in the workshop.Hank, who was searching for something under the desk, emerged from behind it and looked at her.She was dressed in a maids uniform. At least the version

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