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hugging me13一14周岁无码a片

My name is Millie, and you can see the beginning of my story with my husband Josh and Andy, a virgin neighbor boy that I eventually initiated.I was raised in a conservative, religious family that did not prevent me from having a delicious sex life with my husband, although he was my first and only until that episode with our neighbor Andy. I was raised to be faithful and to honor the husband, and Josh and I started dating when we were teenagers, at school. I came from a Russian / German family and fell in love with that bright kid, all American, intelligent, funny, cute and well fit, he was even part of the high-school and later college swimming team. I was not shy or conservative enough to wait until marriage, so we soon started our very pleasurable sex life.After the 3-some with Andy I was a bit shocked, somehow ashamed of my attitude, but maybe even more in having my husband setting me up and practically offering myself to his teen friend. And once I saw how endowed he was and his innocence, and how they both turned me on, I simply could not stop. I had no idea there were so big cocks in real life, outside porn movies.Anyway, we never really talked much about that day, Andy started coming home to play with Josh, we knew he had had a nice evening with his date, and I thought it was the end of that.The week after, I had an interview for a job I was crazy about: Cruise Director in a prestigious new ship in a famous global cruise line. This ship would sail in the Caribbean. I knew I was perfect for the position: I had experience in the travel industry, speak five languages fluently and communicate well in other three, have empathy and I am great to deal with people, and I am energetic to handle the long and stressing journeys. Without modesty, I know I also have a great presentation! I also have to mention that I needed that job desperately: I had been laid off from the airline 4 months ago and Josh had been unemployed even longer, and his odd jobs were not enough for us, even living in that humble house we had to move to.I was interviewed by the Caribbean Region VP, and we had a great time: we talked for hours about the job, the challenges, his expectations, my personal goals, and we developed a great rapport. Then we moved to compensation and benefits, and they was even better than I had imagined. Schedule was tough, but I was prepared for that. I was about to say yes, but he told me it would be better if I thought about all that overnight, and we should talk in the morning. He walked me to the door, and matter-of-factly said: “I try to inspect as much cruises in my region as I possibly can, specially the new ships and crews. These cruises are usually sold out, and we can’t spare a cabin for only one or two nights, so I usually share my Cruise Director’s cabin. I am not sure if you are totally familiar with the industry, but it’s pretty usual. I hope you don’t mind.” I literally froze: as I said, that was not the way I was raised. He pretended not to notice my embarrassment and said good bye cheerfully: “Talk to you tomorrow!” with a big smile.I came home frustrated, fuming. When I entered the house, Josh and Andy were playing, as usual, and I felt even more depressed: how could we survive decently this way? Josh asked me how the interview was, and I said a short “No good.” I walked upstairs to change, and I heard him saying “Maybe we all can have some fun to cheer you up, what do you think?” Son of a bitch, how could he simply bring that up, instead of being supportive, hugging me, asking me what had happened? Did he really think sex would bring food to the house? Well, maybe sex could bring food to the house.I undressed to my lingerie and yelled them to come up. They were in the bedroom in a second, and I told them to undress. I was still pissed off, but I felt a tingle in my pussy when I saw Josh’s well built body and already hard cock, and even more when Andy revealed his skinny young body and his giant pole, obviously already pointing up as he stared at me. I sensually removed my bra and panties when they finished, and told them: “Today it will be my way.” I think they were too horny to listen.We started kissing and they took turns in touching and kissing my breasts. It was good, I needed that. Maybe Josh was right and it would help, but I was still angry with him. Andy went down and started gently caressing my pussy with his fingers, and then I felt his tongue probing. It was warm, wet, so good. I held his cock and felt again his magnificent size, while Josh kept working on my boobs. I told Josh to lick me, and pulled Andy’s cock to my mouth. It was sweet, delicious when I licked it, and I managed to swallow a bit more than the other day. I felt gladly the engorged head pulsing in my filled mouth, while I played with his balls, which not surprisingly were also very big.Josh made me come for the first time skillfully, licking from the asshole to the clit, biting the lips and probing a finger into my G spot. When he sensed I was coming, he concentrated licking my clit, the way I like, and it was amazing. He immediately took position between my legs and started fucking me, and I asked Andy to suck my tits again. I didn’t want him to come yet.When I perceived Josh should be about to come, I asked him to take it out, which he did, very disappointed. I told Andy to fuck me then. I thought it would be easier for him to penetrate me in this missionary way, but it was not: his head did not accommodate in my vagina and his cock slipped out. I smiled and told Josh: “Babe, be a sweetie and help him reaching the target, I want that big cock so badly now.” He looked at me a bit puzzled, but how could he say no? He went there, opened my pussy lips with one hand and with the other held Andy’s cock and pointed the head into the entrance of my vagina. Andy clearly didn’t like much a man handling his cock, but I put a finger on my lips and he said nothing. With Josh’s help it was easier, and soon he was moving in and out, slowly, until I told him to go deeper, and I felt his heavy balls smashing my crotch. I felt so filled, so stretched, that I came again, very quickly but a very intense orgasm. I didn’t want him to come, so I turned aside and his cock was out.It was funny: I was satisfied, and the two guys kept looking with hard cocks, and confused, begging faces. I kept my bossy role: “It’s too big, I can’t handle it more there, I am already totally stretched and sore.” “But Mills – Josh said, he always calls me Mills when he wants something desperately – I need to come. I am smaller, let me try.” I nodded and so he did, but my vagina was indeed so big that I only teased him a bit and let him out again without coming.He stared at me again frustrated, the same way Andy had been all the time. “I will be nice to you, Darling, get some K-Y.” I do anal often and I enjoy it, but he was not expecting that. So he did, with a big smile, and I helped him lubricating his pulsing cock. Definitely he was not going to last. We lay sideways, he opened my buttocks and probed the cock slowly inside my asshole. “Andy sweetie, please, lick my pussy so I can relax more, please” I said, and of course he did immediately. I did relax and soon Josh was totally inside me, pumping desperately. He grabbed my melons with both hands, moaning and finally came.There we were, poor Andy with that throbbing massive cock looking confused and in pain. Josh suggested me to blow him, but I said it would be selfish now, I had a better idea. They looked puzzled, and I said: “Sweetie, I will try to take your other virginity now, but you will have to be very gentle and careful.” They could not believe in what I was saying, I could not believe in what I had just said.Then, I went for the kill: “As you already had sex with that girl, you need a rubber to fuck my ass. Josh, can you help him?” Josh took one from the drawer and gave it to Andy, who clumsily tried to put it on. “Josh, help him out.” Josh went to hold Andy’s cock, when I said “He is full of pre-cum, the condom may slip out. Lick him dry first.” “What? – Andy said – he is not going to blow me” while Josh said no at the same time. “Well, I said I am in charge today. Andy, do you want to fuck my ass?” Obviously he nodded. “Josh, do you want to keep fucking me? Do it!”Josh took Andy’s cock with both hands and started working, sucking the cockhead, licking alongside the shaft, until all the pre-cum was gone. “Ok, put it on” – I said. Andy held the rubber nipple and Josh stretched it and started to roll down. “Josh,香港三级午夜理论三级 darling, hold the head with your mouth like I used to do for you”, and so he did, swallowing Andy’s powerful cockhead and unwrapping the condom until it ended. “Lube him, and don’t save any K-Y”. Josh spread a lot of lubricant in the head and along the dick. I decided to be nice to him and told him to lube me with his cock, which was already hard. He spread a generous amount of lubricant in my asshole and in his cockhead, and started penetrating me again, that time easily.When I felt totally relaxed, I asked Josh to pull out and Andy to come in. We spooned, I asked Josh to open my buttocks and take aim again, and said: “Andy, you stay put, do not fuck me until I tell you to, I will fuck you, OK?” and he agreed. Josh held Andy’s again cock until it came inside one inch or so, and it was firm enough for me to maneuver. Then he came to my front and took turns playing with my boobs and pussy to help me relaxing. I had no idea it would be so painful, but I could not stop now. I kept moving very slowly, a small sphincter relaxation followed by a minimal penetration, until his cockhead was totally inside and the pain subsided.I started to feel better, totally replenished in a way I had no idea I ever could, and increased the rhythm and the movements. Andy stood still as told, and soon I felt his balls in my ass. I had all the monster inside me, I could not believe it. I took a deep breath and said “now sweetie, fuck me hard, fuck me strong, fuck me deep” and so he did: he slapped his balls in my ass violently, held my waist, pulled his cock out in a way that I thought it was going out, yet it there was plenty inside. I was in heaven. Soon he held me firmly, pushed his giant deep, and started to come, what it seemed to be forever. I did the same, violently, shaking, yelling, until we stopped and stood still.After a couple minutes the three of us sat in the bed. They looked at me, marveled, yet confused. I broke the ice: “Josh, I guess you want to know what just happened here, why I have changed so much?” He nodded in agreement. “Well – I continued – I never told you why I was fired from the airline. My captain was always flirting and starting making moves on me. You know Aaron Fischer, he was smart, fun, handsome, a great guy. Sometimes I was horny and wanted do to it, but do you know why I resisted? Only to respect you. Eventually, he started sleeping with Jessica, who was a much worse flight attendant, and I got fired. And then, out of the blue, you decide to share me with our friend here for your pleasure, your fantasy, your fun, to help him, whatever. Do you know why the interview was bad today? It was actually great, they made me an offer, but it ended badly. I will show you why.”I took my cell phone and called the cruise company: “Mr. Karl Larsen, please, this is Ludmilla Leonova-Brown calling. Hello, Mr. Larsen, good afternoon. Sure, Karl it is, and you call me Millie. Karl, I am calling to tell you I am happy to accept your offer. Yes, I am thrilled too. No, I don’thave to think about that overnight, I want to take this job, I feel it’s perfect for me and I have a lot to contribute to the company. No, Karl, of course I remember that, and there will be no issue if we share the cabin when you come aboard. No, I didn’t ask him, but of course my husband won’t bother. Yes, say it… No, I don’t mind writing only Ludmilla Leonova in my name tag. Yes, it sounds like royalty, right? You are funny! No, my husband won’t be mad, don’t worry. Great, I am very happy too! OK, see you at 10 tomorrow, I am looking forward to starting as soon as possible! Bye.”While I was talking to Karl I kept pacing in the bedroom, naked, walking provocatively, and close to the end of the call I leaned with my butt against the chest of drawers, occasionally caressing my boobs, belly, and pussy. When I hung up, Andy had again a hard-on, but Josh had a confusing look and a limp cock. “What is going on?” he mumbled? “Don’t you understand?My new boss is a handsome, smart, powerful Norwegian man, who will have to power to hire me, boost my career and to fire me. He just mentioned that whenever he comes aboard it’s customary to share the cabin with his Cruise Director – that’s me – and I was about to refuse the offer, again to respect you. Can you see how stupid I was? And then I come home and you offer me a threesome to cheer me up. Well, you were right: sex with both of you was great, cleared my mind and gave me new ideas. I will share my cabin with Karl, and if I am in the mood I will share my bed with him too, why not? He looks lovely. I will keep loving you, but it will be for pleasure only, right? And we can pay a mortgage, move to a nice apartment, buy a sports car, I can buy clothes and shoes again, we will live again.””Anyway – I continued – I doubt Karl is hung like Andy here, so let’s not waste this beautiful boner” and I bent over, held his cock and started licking it again. Josh was semi-hard now, and I decided to continue with my games: “Andy – I said – why don’t you suck his cock a bit? I also want it hard for me.” “What? No way I am sucking cock” - he said. “Sweetie, he did that to you, he helped you because I asked him to, and do you still want to fuck me or not?” Reluctantly, Andy moved slowly to Josh, took his cock in his hand and started licking and then blowing him. While he did that Josh started to grow and soon was fully hard, and Andy’s cock was even bigger in my mouth. We did that for a while, then I lay back, opened my legs, and told Andy I wanted him in my pussy now. He positioned himself, I raised my legs over his shoulders, and Josh helped him again with his aiming and initial penetration. I was so wet, stretched and horny that it was much easier now, and soon I felt his balls slapping me, and that mighty cockhead touching my uterus. I told Josh to knee beside me and I started blowing him. I wrapped my legs around Andy and pulled his torso towards me, so he could suck my tits, and I told Andy to take turns with me in blowing Josh. So he did. I came soon, and Andy kept pumping furiously until I felt he was going to come too. I blew Josh harder and when I felt he was going to blast his load I put his penis in Andy’s mouth, who took all the spunk while he flooded my womb.We all stayed there in bed resting for a while. I took Andy’s finally limp cock – amazingly, still big – in my hand and told him that I would miss him, and even when we moved we would invite him to spend some weekends with us. He smiled.I was happy, replenished, powerful, had a different feeling: the submissive girl was finally in the driver’s seat!



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